Thursday, March 3, 2016

Case Study

Case Study Review

I did my case study on Classic Equines new product of releasing their new products of Zebra striped Sport boots and Bell boots with different colored straps. Classic Equine is a big time producer of the legacy sport boots design and it helps that they appeal to the younger crowd of teenage girls such as myself.Classic Equine also came out with new boot bags and a new product that you stick your sport boots too (with Velcro) and it makes cleaning and drying your sport boots much easier than before!

This is Classic Equines website where you can explore their different products and the new ones that they just released. I originally found out about the new products was when I was scrolling through my Facebook and I spotted the post and immediately got very excited. If I were managing Classic Equine one thing I would have changed would be releasing the product a lot faster than what they did because they waited until almost a month after saying "its coming soon" to release their new products.

This add gets many people (such as myself) very excited to "run" with Classic Equine as a Professional Barrel Racer. It shows you that Classic Equine products can get you to the top and help you keep your horse safe while getting there!

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