Thursday, March 3, 2016

Case Study

Case Study Review

I did my case study on Classic Equines new product of releasing their new products of Zebra striped Sport boots and Bell boots with different colored straps. Classic Equine is a big time producer of the legacy sport boots design and it helps that they appeal to the younger crowd of teenage girls such as myself.Classic Equine also came out with new boot bags and a new product that you stick your sport boots too (with Velcro) and it makes cleaning and drying your sport boots much easier than before!

This is Classic Equines website where you can explore their different products and the new ones that they just released. I originally found out about the new products was when I was scrolling through my Facebook and I spotted the post and immediately got very excited. If I were managing Classic Equine one thing I would have changed would be releasing the product a lot faster than what they did because they waited until almost a month after saying "its coming soon" to release their new products.

This add gets many people (such as myself) very excited to "run" with Classic Equine as a Professional Barrel Racer. It shows you that Classic Equine products can get you to the top and help you keep your horse safe while getting there!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 5 post

This is a screenshot from my ultimate favorite barrel racer Sherry Cervi. She is a 4 time world champion barrel racer with her horse MP Meter My Hay A.K.A Stingray. In this photo she is promoting the product Back On Track gear for horses. The sheets and boots these horses are wearing are a product of BOT. BOT is a outerwear for horses that helps keep them in good shape, the tight fitting sheets and boots help keep blood flow moving by the magnetic material that BOT provides. This shows off the BOT product as the fact a WPRA barrel racer uses there product and it makes young barrel racers want said product. Sherry uses Gary V's point that you should get to the point on what shes saying on her post and she does, shes at a barrel race with her BOT products. Here is alink to Sherrys FB page

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Social Listening

Professionals Choice chose to release their new products this week which has caused quite the uproar in the horse world. First of all Pro Choice chose to not release any of the advertised glitter boots that they had at the NFR, which had pissed off many of the horse people who use their products (such as myself). The value proposition was too increase sale values by producing a new "prettier" product for all of us barrel racers and horse people but they didn't even release the sport boots that the public people wanted. People are mad that only the privileged who got to go to the NFR got to get the gorgeous glitter boots, there also unhappy that only the Tribal and Rose boots are the ones that got released, and lastly horse people are not happy that Pro Choice has released more Polo wraps than sport boots like promised. As the brand manager I would apologize to the public and probably release a few of the glitter sport boots juts to try and make people happier.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Question #2

Classic Equine

Classic Equine is one of the top leading Sport boot and many other horse related tack sellers for Barrel Racers. As a barrel racer this add makes me very excited to see that Classic Equine sport boots can help my horse have a very safe and fast run. The "article" (add) shows many of Classic Equines top sponsored runners competing in real life rodeo situations where they win and show off the Classic Equine products. Now to the normal human you won't see the "product" they are trying to show, all you see is a horse running really fast around 3 barrels. But to a horse person we see the Classic Equine Air Max Saddle pad, the polo wraps or sport boots, the bell boots (also known as over-reach boots), the Air Max soft ride girth and many other products from Classic Equine that these horses are running in. In this add the main point is to draw in those sucker barrel racers (like me) who want to be a big shot rodeo runner just like the girls from the add and love pretty colors and patterns. Don't believe me? All 4 pack of sport boots that I have for my two horses are all Classic Equine. That's a total of 12 pairs of sport boots (two for front legs, two for back legs). All of them are pretty patterns, I have a 4 pack of Zebra Striped ones, a 4 pack of Lace ones (black and white with lace patterning) and a 4 pack of the Color Burst ones (black with different colored straps). To me Classic Equine is definitely one of my favorite brands of sport boots, I learned from this add that I am more of sucker than I thought I was. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

About Me

About Me

I enrolled in this class because it was a required class for my degree which is Accounting so yes a business degree but not a Marketing one technically. I'm inter-stead in learning about how the market changes every single day. I'm a horse person I have two horses. One is a 4 year old bay colt named Almosta HighOnCash A.K.A "Arrow" I've had him for almost a full year now hes my baby and I have put a lot of work into him and my hope is that he will become my next barrel horse someday. My other horse is a 2 year old black filly named Drift N Princess A.K.A "Renegade" I've had her for about 3 months now and she my big black beast, shes still terrified of the world but were slowly progressing towards her being a normal horse and she also hopefully going to be a barrel horse someday too. In high school I was in OHSET (Oregon's High School Equestrian Teams) for all for years and I LOVED it I will never regret the hours on hours I spent riding my horse getting ready for the next Meet, I love running barrels and cannot wait to start running my colt.